Engagement Ring
Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance and Repair of Your Engagement Ring

Like most women, you probably wear your Engagement Ring and Wedding Band every day. And what are you doing while wearing it? Washing dishes and doing laundry? Gardening? Working at your office?

How much wear and tear does your engagement ring get? Normal wear and tear causes:

  • Prongs to bend or break
  • Stones to become loose and fall out
  • The metal of the shank to become scratched or dented

Just imagine how you would feel if you lost your center stone – or even some side stones. You would be heart-broken. Not to mention the expense to replace!

How To Tell If Your Diamond May Be Loose

  • Place the ring next to your ear and holding the side of the band tightly between your thumb and index finger, tap the ring with the index finger of your other hand. If the stone is quite loose, you may actually be able to hear the stone “rattle” within the setting.
  • With your fingernail feel along the outer edge of the diamond. Gently push to see if the stone moves – either side to side or up and down. Also check to see if a round stone spins or rotates at all within the setting.

What To Do If Your Stone is Loose

If you hear any rattling sound or feel any movement whatsoever, the stone is probably loose in the setting. If that occurs, immediately remove the ring from your finger and put in a safe place to be sure you don’t lose the main stone or any side or Halo stones.

Do not try to tighten the prongs or unbend the metal on your own as this could damage the ring further!

Bring your ring into Venus Creations Jewelers for inspection and repair. We do all of the work on-site. You can meet the jeweler and watch the repair and maintenance while you wait. This service is offered by appointment only. Call us at 973-256-8592 to set up your appointment.

Once we bring your ring back to its original condition, we will recommend that you stop by every year and have us clean and inspect the ring so that you can enjoy it for many years to come. Be proactive and have a regularly scheduled ring cleaning, inspection and maintenance annually at Venus Creations Jewelers.