We Buy Gold

Venus Creation Jewelers will turn your gold and silver jewelry into CASH.

What are you doing with all of those old gold and silver pieces of jewelry that you no longer wear?  Maybe you inherited something from your grandmother or mom that are just not your style. Wouldn’t you like to do something useful with all of that unworn jewelry?

At Venus Creations Jewelers we can turn gold and silver jewelry into CASH right away! Even small items — clasps, old chains, class rings, scraps of gold cut off of from large bracelet or necklace, loose gemstones and diamonds, bent or broken items, sterling silver — nothing is too small or too large for us to consider and any condition is acceptable.

Gold prices have soared and are at record highs in recent years, so you could be sitting on hundreds or even thousands of dollars that you can use for other things you want. You could purchase new jewelry that you will love and wear often, buy tickets to a show, take a trip, redecorate your home, buy your family gifts…think of all the things you can use that money for!!

  • The evaluation is done at our store. It is safe, secure, and confidential.
  • We use our 50 years of knowledge to determine the value of your jewelry.
  • If we cannot determine the value while you wait we will give you a receipt and do some additional research on your piece(s) to determine their value
    • You may own something from a rare designer collection that is highly sought after by collectors
  •  We will review any certifications, such as GIA, or original documents you may have
  • Finally we determine the best offer based on our 50 years of knowledge, the market value of gold and silver, and the rarity of the pieces from a resale standpoint

We also purchase fine vintage collectible watches – the market for these watches is very hot right now and people are clamoring for women’s and men’s designer watches in every style.

Let Venus Creations Jewelers offer you the best price in the North Jersey area on all of your old gold and silver. If, for any reason, you’re not happy with our offer, you are under no obligation to accept it.

Don’t wait another day! Call us today to make an appointment, visit our showroom and let us do a free appraisal of your gold, silver, diamonds, gemstones and fine vintage watches while you wait.